In Memory Of


Kenneth 'Ken' Albert Fowler

Feb 1, 1961 - Sep 26, 2020


Friday, October 2, 2020
Chapel of the Rocky Funeral Home
Invitation only! Those attending the Service will be required to wear a mask.


Due to COVID restrictions, sadly we are restricted to the number of people who may attend the service therefore a ZOOM will be provided. Please contact the Rocky Funeral Home for details. Donations in Ken's name may be made to the Compassionate Care Hospice Society, Rocky Mtn. House.


Ken Fowler passed away on Saturday, September 26, as the result of an aircraft accident. He was a loving husband, devoted father, grandfather, son, talented pilot and a friend to all.

Born in Vancouver, BC and raised in Burnaby, Ken was raised in a large loving family. Ken loved his parents and siblings. Ken’s older twin sister Audrey liked leading her baby brother on adventures. He continued to drop into Elkford whenever he could to spend time with his family. After high school, Ken joined the military where he worked in Search and Rescue, assisting in saving countless lives and serving as a technician on many aircraft.

In 1983, Ken married the love of his life, Wendy Lyons on March 5, 1983. Together, they raised three boys. As a father Ken was always there teaching them the necessities of life. How to find a swimming hole, build things out of whatever you have and generally just enjoy life to its fullest and no matter what, ‘Don’t tell Mom!’ His boys shared his passion for flight either by helping build airplanes or taking up the airshow circuit. His loving wife Wendy of 37 years managed his airshow career and family. Wendy and Ken shared many adventures and truly loved their life in Rocky Mountain House.

Upon his retirement from the military, Ken accepted a new job as Manager of the Rocky Mountain Airport in 1998. Over the next 22 years, his leadership would turn it into a thriving aviation hub that served his community in many ways. Besides being home to an active forestry base and a world class aerobatic training facility, the Airport became the host of the very successful Rocky Mountain House Airshow. The Airshow often drew spectators twice the population of the nearby town and became a rallying point for community spirit.

Ken co-founded Team Rocket Aerobatics sixteen years ago, one of the most sought-after Airshow routines in North America, he was a long-time member of the International Council of Airshows, a dedicated ACE evaluator and an enthusiastic mentor for many. For years, Ken was the pilot who would streak through the Christmas Eve skies over Rocky Mountain House skies. With lights and fireworks trailing behind his beloved Harmon Rocket, children below marveled at Santa's sleigh delivering the joy of the season. It is no surprise that Santa chose Ken as his co-pilot.

While we mourn the loss of a great man, we celebrate his remarkable life and accomplishments. Ken’s beloved family will miss him beyond words. Left to cherish Ken’s memory is his loving wife Wendy; sons: Sean, Kyle (Miranda) and Kurtis; his grandchildren; long-time wingman Eric Hansen, and countless family and friends


Kathleen Poynton :

To all the Fowler family I send my condolences in regards to Ken.
I had the privilege to work with Ken for the 5 years I flew out of Rocky. He was always very kind & a joy to be around. The flights in his Harmon Rocket will always be momentous.
Bless you all.

Brian Frank:

Ken was a huge part in me getting into flying, I first met Ken when I volunteered for the Rocky air show several years ago and he started asking me about my interest in flying. After that it was a friendship that was steadily built upon, Ken was truly one of a kind. A friend, mentor, inspiration, motivator, supporter the list goes on. I will be forever changed having known you Ken, thank you for everything. God Bless.

Barbara and Bill Phipps:

Very saddened to hear of Ken’s demise. He has left a hole in Canada’s sky that no one else can fill.

Rhonda & Rick Reynaud:

Kyle & family,
So sorry to hear of this great loss. Though we didn't know Ken personally, we certainly attended the airshows and appreciate all the good he did for our community and airport. Sincere condolences to you all.

Peter and Glenys Kent:

Our condolences to Wendy and Ken's family. Ken was an ambassador for aviation with contacts in the industry that gave our community one of the best Airshows around. Our community will miss his Christmas eve escorting of Santa's sleigh. He was a passionate aviator sharing and encouraging others to discover that same passion. RIP Ken in the high skies above.

Gloria Evans:

I worked with Zed 99 in Red Deer. Coming to the Rocky Airshow media day was always a treat. My deepest condolences to the Fowlers.

Ricardo Mena Z.:

Mis sinceras condolencias a toda su familia, yo no conocí personalmente pero si vi sus actuaciones en Acapulco y lamento mucho su perdida.

Joe Melatini:

Was at the 2016 Abby Airshow and will always remember the fine flying performance of Ken and Eric. We send our condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Fowler family and all those close to him.
Joe & Shelley Melatini / Faith Hope & Charity Barnstorming

Chris Van Vliet:

It was a pleasure to fly the same airshow skies as Ken who was such a great example of grace, competence, confidence, and professionalism both in the sky and on the ground. He shared the thrill of aviation with so many in such positive ways and that is an amazing legacy, made possible by the support of his family. Sincere condolences. Here's to Ken soaring to new heights.


We met Ken and Wendy 22 years ago when we moved to Rocky Mountain House and set up our aviation business at the Rocky Airport. Both Ken and Wendy we're instrumental in the success of our business, their constant suggestion, and wisdom. Ken was definitely the epitome of a consummate aviator. His passion to his trade was second only to his support of his family. The many Christmas dinners and pot luck meals we've shared over the years, the multitude of discussion, and just his passion for showing me every one of his on-going projects. His new highspeed glider to be used exclusively at airshows all contributed to who and what Ken was and will continue to be in the hearts of all those that he has touched. RIP my friend. High Flight was written with you in mind!! Take care, always. To the whole family (whom we'll always cherish), our deepest and most sincere condolences.

Donna Flynn-Ray Firkus-Kelsey Firkus:

Our hearts were broken on hearing the news of Ken's passing.
Ken was always there with a smile and as a mentor to up and coming pilots there was no one better.
We will miss him dearly.
Donna, Ray, Kelsey and our family

Jodi Rueger:

My most heartfelt condolences to the entire Fowler family, friends, and loved ones. Ken truly was my hero and his heart was as big as the sky he called home. He absence will leave an overwhelming hole in the lives of the many people he touched. I will be eternally grateful to have known him and spent the time I did with him. My thoughts are with you in this time of mourning.

Casey Eyegetok:

I am deeply sadden to have learned of the passing of Ken, I got to watch Ken do what he does best up in Gjoa Haven,Nunavut back in 2017.

Robert Reichert:

I was privileged to work and fly with Ken on many occasions over the years. He was one of the most humble and talented pilots I’ve known. Ken leaves a legacy in the Airshow and aircraft build community which will be difficult to fill. Sincere condolences to Wendy and family. -Rooster

Lee Chambers:

My sincere condolences.
I worked with Ken at the Town.
One of the nicest, most genuine persons you could ever meet.
He will be forever missed.

Lee Chambers

Jacqueline Morgan :

Wendy and family,

Ken was the kind of person you do not forget. I remember Ken as a man who led with empathy and kindness. I remember Ken as one of the first performers willing to take a chance on a small town airshow... He embraced our show, our town, and our volunteers with a warm smile, quick wit and a relentless passion to share the joy of flight. He is already terribly missed. My heart aches for your loss.

Todd Lemieux:

A few years back Ken and I flew together for a Netflix production, here in Alberta.

I’m glad to have worked with, flown with and shared some stress and laughs with Ken.

I’m grateful for having shared that time and space with him.

My heart goes out to his family and friends at this difficult time.

Donna Madge:

Sending sincere condolences to the Fowler family. The community shares in your loss of such a kind and generous soul. May you find comfort in your memories.

Ron Anderson:

Ken will be greatly missed. I first met him in Petawawa & learned off him. I helped a little with his first project in the basement. Stopping off at his hanger in Rocky was always a fun time.
My condolences to the Fowler family & the rest that knew Ken far & wide.

Lynn Webster:

My thoughts and prayers for Ken's family. I was privileged to know Ken, he was one of the most upstanding men I have ever met and I am so grateful to have been able to work with him and remain friends. Blue Skies my friend.

Bill Beaton and Family:

To Ken's Family and all of Ken's extended aviation "family",
It is hard to believe I am writing this message and with such a heavy heart. I looked up to Ken and his family in so many ways. We share a deep love of aviation and of taking care of our community. I cherish the impromptu hours of chatting with Ken on the ramp or in front of a hangar or at an event- - all things family, aviation and airport. I have owned a Harmon Rocket for the past 13 years and it is all Ken's fault that I had to endure over a 1000 hours of such flying adventure and enjoyment. One ride with Ken lead to an aircraft search, pre-buy inspection, importation of C-GRLO and test flying - - all with Ken's great advice at my side. Of course, it wasn't long and we were comparing speed mods, safety enhancements and Rocket adventures from across North America. Amazing memories of time with Ken and the family that supported his passion. I was also a hangar owner at the Rocky Airport for many years and saw the facilities, landscaping and aviation community grow remarkably under this leadership. His insight, energy and professional approach to everything left us all with something to learn. We shall remember your gifts to us, Ken.
Ken goes beyond being a pilot and community leader, he has earned AVIATOR of the highest regard. We shall be watching for your routines in the clouds and smile every time we think of you. Farewell my friend. BB

Jeff Seaborn:

My deepest condolences to Wendy and family. Ken was an amazing person. His enthusiasm for life was contagious. It didn't matter whether you knew Ken for only a moment or for years, he was genuine and made you feel a part of his life. He will be missed by all.

Fran Sosnoski:

Wendy and Family, I had the privilege of working with Ken at the Town of Rocky Mtn House. I knew him as gracious, kind and a true community leader. We have lost a good man. My condolences to you and all who knew him.

Charlie Teeuwsen:

Wendy and Kyle, Yvonne and I want to pass on our deepest sympathies to you and your families. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Ray Courtman :

I’ve known Ken since he was in the military. He was always a huge supporter of my wife and I in our airshow ventures! I will forever miss his easy smile, his dedication and his love for family and aviation! Love and prayers to Wendy and family. Clear skies Ken.

Bill Baker:

My heart felt condolences to Wendy and the entire Fowler clan.
I have known Ken a long time as part of the airshow family. He would always fly at the airshow I ran in Westlock. All I had to do was ask and he was there.
He was a great man and will be missed by all.
Blue skies and tailwinds.


Hard to believe he is gone. Another hole in my heart and an even bigger one for all the family members who now morn this!

Catherine de Korte:

Rest in Peace Ken. You will live on in our memories. Blue Skies.

Dan McLaren:

So sad for the loss of such a great guy. In an industry where thing seem to be going in the wrong direction, Ken was someone you could count on. I’ve known him since he was in the military. You could say he was a dreamer, but that wouldn’t be right. He was a doer. I always enjoyed my time with Ken. He was a good person. Our industry and the aviation community has lost a shining star. Rest In Peace brother.

Shelley Petersen:

Wendy, Sean, Kyle and Kurtis, I am so sorry for your loss. I am sending you my deepest condolences . My you all find his strength and love in these difficult times.

Marlene & Leonard Levinsky :

Although we did not personally know Ken, we know what an ambassador he was for aviation. He has left a legacy. Just like us there are many who didn’t know Ken, but certainly knew of him and his contributions.
Condolences to his family and friends!

Edna {Laskie} McCarthy:

RIP Ken, we, my children and I have many happy memories when we lived on Irmin Street in Burnaby
we all remember the fun times all you children and us parents had too.
I loved watching Ken fly at the Chilliwack Air Show where I met Ken again after so many years.
My Condolences to All the Family

Jim Bague:

Shirley and I share your pain and grief. Our Community has lost a great ambassador and friend to so many. Ken will live on in our hearts and memories always. Wendy words can’t convey what we are feeling but know we are here for you and your family. Blue skies Ken.

Rob Ironside:

I am so sad to hear of Kens passing. He was a real leader in the Rocky community and he will be missed. I will forever remember the good times working with him at the Rocky Mountain House Airshow, ICAS conventions, and Christmas eves. My heart goes out to the whole family at this time. He will be fondly remembered for the legacy he left behind.

Wayne Harper:

I’m having difficulty finding words for my thoughts and emotions after learning of Ken’s passing. My introduction to Ken came as part of my duties as Civil Aviation Inspector. What could have been a love hate relationship of a performer versus regulator became a true friendship. Ken had a big heart of pure gold. He shared his knowledge and energy with young up and coming aerobatic pilots. He was always willing to help me by offering advice and guidance as the government re-wrote the air show rules and standards. His input was thoughtful and always put spectator safety first. Our work relationship turned into a wonderful friendship when I retired. Ken loved his family and expressed his love and the enormous pride he had for Wendy and his lads. I will miss our 3 or 4 yearly telephone calls where we would catch up on his latest endeavours, his air show experiences and grandpa stories. He loved the air show industry and he will be greatly missed. I will sign off as I always did with “Fly safe but amazing”. He always did and now he will be the newest member of heaven’s air show fraternity. Good bye my friend.

Tanya Moorey :

I am so sorry for your loss & our communities loss
Kens legacy will carry on forever & he will be truly missed by all. Rest In Peace “Santa”

Gil McCauley:

Ken, after too brief of a stay, you shaped the World into a better place. Heartfelt condolences to your loved ones and many friends. Blue Skies.
Cette Manus Certas

Sheila Mizera:

Ken was one of the finest ambassadors Rocky has ever seen. Ken was a selfless gentleman that always put his family, friends and community first. My sincerest condolences to everyone that had the pleasure of knowing Ken. My heart hurts for Ken’s family.

Rod Tomyn:

We are truly sorry for your loss, Ken was a tremendous individual who will be missed by all who know him.

Michel Pelletier:

To the Fowler family love you all and Ken will be missed dearly, always smiling, and willing to lend a hand or share his knowledge, I will miss just cataloging airplanes with him. I am speechless and will miss him dearly Rest In Peace my friend .....Pumkin

William Gilson:

Our whole family is devastated for your loss Wendy, Sean, Kyle (Miranda), and Kurtis. We are all mourning your loss with you. We all send our condolences and will miss Ken. May he rest in peace

April Zalesky:

My heart is truly broken for the loss of a great man and a good friend. My heart goes out to Wendy and the boys, and the rest of the Fowler family. He will be missed. Blue skies Ken.

Tim Woznow:

I had the honour and pleasure to serve with Ken in 442 Sqn in Comox. He was a Flt Engr on the CC115 Buffalo and I was Airframe Tech. Ken always had a smile and could make anyone laugh no matter the circumstances. Our deepest condolences to Wendy and the family. Never forgotten my friend. RIP.

Georges Bertrand :

Tamara and I are devastated by your lost. Ken was truly an amazing human being. We knew him as a calm spirit, dedicated family man and passionate aviator.

Anytime we hear the "Bitter Sweet Symphony" play, we immediately see Ken with his Rocket lightning up the night skies... beautiful!

Thanks for being such a great friend, we shall miss you.

Phil Ring :

I am truly sorry to here of this unbelievable tragedy Wendy and Family! Rest in Peace Ken, my long time friend, I will always remember you!

Brad Saunders :

Wendy. I can’t tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Please accept my condolences during this horrible time. My prayers are with you and your family

Flyersteam Family:

Our condolences to all you.
We all feel the lost of our friend, this time God called him to fly along with him.
He will always be remembered with love as part of our Mexican family and our memories will always bring him back to our airshows and life.

RIP Ken Fowler

Linda Laskie:

We grew up with Ken and his family in Burnaby and he was a great guy, always building some contraption or another with his buddy Steve Flack. We had a lot of fun when we were young. I have seen him fly a few times at the Chilliwack Airshow and he would always come over and say hi. My condolences to his family and I'm sure he's soaring over heavens skies and putting on a great show for all. RIP Kenny, you will be missed.

Terry J Mcaleese :

My favorite pic is the one with you and audrey on the flight to our high school reunion.Rip . Gone way to soon but left a legacy .

Shelley Whitmore :

My heartfelt condolences to Wendy and the family and friends. Blue skies Ken.

Carolyn McIntyre:

Deepest condolences to Wendy and Family. Sincerest gratitude in my heart for being welcomed into your joyful world of fun and high adventure as part of the volunteer crew - and as dear friends - during Rocky Airshow 2015.

Chris Hope:

My sincere condolences to Wendy and the entire Fowler family. It was a true privilege to have known Ken in the military and during his civilian endeavours. A true professional that will be sorely missed by all in the air show industry. Blue skies my friend

Guy and Claudette Desnoyers:

I am truly sorry for your loss. Ken will be missed, although will never be forgotten. Rest in peace

Donna Anderson:

I am truly sorry for your loss. Ken will be missed, although will never be forgotten. May his soul rest in peace.

Rick Emmons:

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Selfishly, I also mourn the loss for our community.
May you all feel the love and strength of our Lord in these difficult times.

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