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George John Nothof

Feb 18, 1944 - Mar 9, 2021


  A private memorial for Georgie Will be held at an upcoming date.



February 18, 1944 – March 9, 2021

We are incredibly saddened to announce the sudden passing of our beloved uncle, and great uncle, George at the age of 77. I cannot think of a more appropriate way to describe George than to say he was just a uniquely beautiful soul. Anyone that was lucky enough to have had him touch their lives in some way was truly blessed.

I imagine most people remember George from bottle-picking or bike-riding, because, man, did he do an unimaginable amount of both. Maybe he’s remembered well from helping everyone out on different farms or acreages. He was always willing to help anyone with any task. His strength and endurance at any job was quite legendary.

What is important for us to have Georgie remembered by, though, is what a special gift he was to those who loved him.

I don’t think a lot of people had ever met someone like Georgie before, but once they did, quickly adored him. He was hilarious –and his own vocabulary of ‘Georgisms’ and completely colorful language made everything funnier. He was King of the One-Liners (‘Well, am I right, or am I just not wrong?’), and his facial expressions and delivery of his stories had people doubled over in laughter every time. By the end of a visit, he would have a roomful of new friends (who were given a new Georgie nickname if they were lucky) who always asked about him and wanted to see him next time they came around. One time we were talking about Covid, and George said,”Ya, you think I’m scared of that? I burn pressure treated wood in my stove – Bring it!!!”. Kids loved Georgie, as well. Sometimes they were a bit shy at first, but soon there were hugs and laughter. I think all kids could sense his gentle soul. There weren’t many people in this world that Georgie didn’t like, and if he didn’t like someone, guaranteed there was a darn good reason. It didn’t matter to him what size, shape, or color someone was, he would just say, ‘Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. Those people need love, too!” The same kindness was shown to all animals. From holding a baby bunny to sitting with our dog and trying to convince her to eat while we were away, his compassion always shone through.

Nature was Georgie’s true passion, and it was his lifetime of just taking the time to watch and observe that made him brilliant in regard to trees, plants, animals and how things grew. He was the guy that would come over to check everyday on whether or not the buds were coming out on the cherry trees, the one who would carry honeybees from one tree to another so they would ‘pole-in-ate’ the other ones. Sweet talking trees was absolutely essential for making them grow. When Georgie was young, it bothered him that the cows in the pasture would rub against the little spruce trees and break or bend them, so he piled huge amounts of rocks around the trees so the cows couldn’t reach them. That pasture is now our yard, and those trees are massive. His huge joy was watching a sunset until it went down. It didn’t even matter if we were in the middle of supper, he had to see the sun actually set, then he was happy. Georgie also loved solar lights and enjoyed waiting for each one to light up at night.

Now, you can’t mention George without the words fire and wood being in there somewhere. His world revolved around cutting wood, burning wood, talking about wood, or being burnt. He could go into his woodshed and literally tell you where every stick of wood came from. He was never done playing with fire until he got burnt, and Lord help the person who thought they would just throw a piece of wood - and by piece, I mean stump or log - a small fire was unheard of – on Georgie’s fire. No one was schooled correctly, except Ron (sometimes), in wood placement. All anyone would have to say is,” Maybe we should have a fire…”, and George was on his quad, ‘Binge-buggy’ attached, and off to the bush to go gather one of his piles of deadfall. Singe Season, otherwise known as spring, was Georgie’s favorite time. So much grass (and hair, and eyebrows) to burn, and the beginning of warmer weather for pit fires.

Georgie led his life in his own way, and it worked for him. In the morning he “got his coffee bangin’”, and he would just sit, and rock in his chair listening to his Zed 99. He loved his music, and would write down songs he wanted in his miniature hieroglyphic kind of writing, then come down, pull his envelope out, and say, ”You got this song, Blauzee? Download it!” He loved singing, and every one of his songs involved those damn cows and tomcats that were always squealin’, squeezin’ or sloppin’.

Everything that made Georgie happy were such simple things. He met the bus at the end of the driveway when the kids were little, and they would all sit on the swings, eat freezies, and George would ask them about their day. He loved a hug, and would get the purest little grin and say, “Awe, that’s nice!” when other people hugged. He loved quadding, cutting wood, and playing the foot stomp game with Blauzee, and loved to talk to and hug his “Little Sweets”. We were incredibly lucky to watch him enjoy new experiences like Trick or Treating for the first time in his life at the young age of 71. George discovered how fun a scavenger hunt was, and we discovered how fast you needed to clear out of his way if he thought he knew where the next clue might be! A big thrill for George was getting to bowl a ham down the grocery store isle. He loved food, his “Goulash” and hotdogs with bread, and we were never able to get him full. He was always just ‘good enough’. He always did his arm flap when he was thinking or flustered and he’d say, ”I got no time!”. George enjoyed nothing more than just sitting in the shop, sipping a rum, visiting and laughing. He was the fifth person in our family, and our hearts are broken with his absence. We are so grateful to have had someone so special in our lives, and I think what an amazing difference it would make in the world if there was just a bit more of Georgie’s soul everywhere. So, have a fire, take the time to watch a sunset, and remember Georgie fondly.

With much love and special memories,

Gingboy, Sweets, Blauzee and Little Sweets

George was predeceased by his parents, brother-in-law Angus, niece-in-law Dawn, and special long-time friends, Floyd and Dale.

He is survived by a brother Tom (Carol), sisters Gloria and Clara (Alec), nephews, Jimmy, Willy, Randy, Wayne, Paul and Gerald, and their families, special nephew Ron (Taralee), special great-nephew (and buddy) Blayze, and special great-niece Boo (Briley).

A private memorial for Georgie Will be held at an upcoming date.

He leaves to mourn everyone who loved and understood his amazing soul, all friends who’s lives have been forever changed for the better because of him, and those who will keep his memory burning on forever.


Danny and Susan Gialet. Ferintosh:

Our hearts are broken. He was such a joy to have around and made our lives better. Will miss him forever. Our deepest Sympathy.

Leah, Josh, Sullivan, Fergus, and Josie Gialet:

What beautiful tribute to Georgie! He was a great soul like noone else! We loved our visits with him at the Gialet farm and will miss his uplifting spirit! I am sure your family is feeling a lot quieter with him gone but may you find comfort in all the wonderful memories shared.

Dawn Gialet:

My condolences, George meant so much to our family. We will never forget him.

Jim and Wanda Hall :

Who will hug me now ? I know George has left a HUGE gap in your family , he adored his Family and they in turn treated George like a King . Too bad we can't rename highway 11 to " GEORGE WAY . Rest well George . With much Admiration and fond friendship , Jim Hall and Wanda Frillman-Hall


I didn't know George, but what a beautiful tribute. Sending your family lots of love.

George and Heather Loomer:

Our deepest sympathy to all your family. Your obituary has captured him well.

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